Glass and Mirror Panels


 I came across this quite by accident.   I was looking for an efficient way to remove paint and clear-coat from lures that needed to be refinished.   I purchased a mini-sandblaster thinking it would work quite well, and it does for that purpose.   The little blaster came with a tiny amount of extra-fine blasting medium, but it was too harsh for lures.  In my experimentation, with using it to remove paint, I had a small piece of glass that I occasionally used to mix paint on.  There was still some dried paint on the glass, so I put it in the blasting hood and went to it.  I discovered that the paint would act as a mask as well, until I cut through it.  On thing led to another, and I began experimenting with different types of glass and mirrors.

 These are made by using an glass panel or mirror and cutting the desired image into the glass.  They are all hand cut, using no stencils.   The process begins with a photo, drawing or design and it is edited to get a high-contrast image.  A panel or mirror is covered with "Frisket", a semi-transparent artist's masking product.  The Frisket is then cut to duplicate the photo, with an "Exacto" knife.  Then, the proper pieces of Frisket are removed so the areas where it is desired for the glass to be frosted or etched is exposed.  I then use the mini-sandblaster to create the frosted areas in the glass.  By holding the glass at various angles, and varying the length of time the glass is exposed, the image can be cut into the glass.

Below are some examples that I have done for myself and some that I have done for other clients.   If you are interested in having a photo evaluated, just contact me by email.    The best photos are high-contrast or silhouettes.